Melkite Calendars and Liturgical Aids

Currently available for 2014 -- See Table below!

Notes on the Calendars and Liturgical Aids

How to get your copy of the Calendars and other Files

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Calendars of our Feasts, Fasts, and Readings for the Year

Printable Calendars (PDF files)

The most common calendar that people are seeking is one they can print and hang on the wall, refrigerator, or take to their office or study. We call it our 'Printable Calendar' and we've made it available as PDF files in A4 and A3 (US Letter and Ledger) sizes. Your PDF reader (often Adobe Reader) will usually allow you to choose the size of paper, on which you wish to print, and it will then scale the image accordingly. The printable calendars are each a little over 3 MB in size, because they offer sufficient resolution for larger paper sizes.

The printable calendars display the following information: the feasts and commemorations for every day of the year, the Epistle and Gospel reading of that liturgical day, and the type of feasting or fasting for each day -- if it is relevant. They also show the following additional information for those who are interested: Class of the feast, Tone of the week, and the Gospel that is read during Orthros (Matins). Additionally, the English, French, Spanish, Indonesian, and Portuguese calendars also show the major feast names in Arabic.

Digital Calendars to Load onto your Computer or Smart Phone

Want to have the details of our feasts, fasts, and readings with you on your computer (Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Google Calendar, etc.) or your smart phone (iPhone, Nokia, Android, etc.)? If so, this is what you need.

There are several offerings in this area. The most commonly used format for such calendar events is iCalendar (.ics). We offer the choice of downloading a file that includes details only for the feasts and Sundays of the year (approx. 150 calendar events), or you can choose to download a file that contains the details for every day of the year (365 or 366 calendar events). Within those two choices, you may choose to download only the details, including the scriptural references of the readings, or you may download the entire text of the readings for each day. We caution you not to try to synchronise the full-text versions to your phone, if you are not sure whether it can support calendar events with such large amounts of text.

If you are unsure how to add these calendar events (of the feasts) to your computer or smart phone, we have written a guide to help you with the most common e-mail and calendaring software. Click here to download it.

For those advanced computer users, who have mastered the latest technology, the calendars are also available in the xCal-Basic format (right-click to download the .xml file), or as a simple web page marked up with the hCalendar microformat.

Liturgical Guides for the Sunday and Weekday Readings

These guides ('taqwiim' or تقويم , in Arabic) are best kept at the analogion or lectern. They give the details, of where to look within the Book of Epistles (Apostolos) or the Book of Gospels (Evangelion) in order to find the readings for Sundays and the following week

Calendars available for Download
File Arabic English Portuguese French Spanish Indonesian
Printable Calendar zipped zipped zipped zipped zipped zipped
Printable Calendar with Traditional Fasting zipped zipped zipped zipped zipped zipped
Digital Calendar of Sundays and feasts ics ics ics ics ics ics
Digital Calendar for every day of the year ics ics ics ics ics ics
Digital Calendar of Sundays and feasts with full texts of readings ics   ics ics ics ics
Digital Calendar for every day of the year with full texts of readings ics   ics ics ics ics
Helpful guide on using the Digital Calendars PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF
Liturgical guide of Readings for Sundays and Weekdays PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF
xCal-Basic file of feasts (right-click to download!) XML XML XML XML XML XML
List of all Feasts, Fasts, and Readings with hCalendar mark-up XHTML XHTML XHTML XHTML XHTML XHTML







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